Our Impact

Our patented pump technologies are designed for real life, continuous use, offering high performance, durability and reliability at significantly better value for money than the other water access solutions on the market.

Our products have already…

  • Tripled smallholder incomes.
  • Inspired new business ventures for users.
  • Increased daily volumes of water lifted by five times.
  • Facilitated successful community water sites that pay for themselves.
  • Provided domestic water supply for whole communities.

… but this is just the beginning!

Impact Pumps could completely revolutionise global water access…

The Impact Pumps Solution

Our Impact Pumps Solution is designed to provide sustainable, reliable and affordable community water access, replacing traditional, loss-making hand-pumps with systems that will pay for themselves.

By enabling our customers to make a surplus, they can catalyse capital markets and hybrid finance to scale, rather than relying on ever larger donations. Funded water campaigns will have a much greater impact – expanding services without needing to cover recurrent operating losses.

The Impact Pumps solution has been designed to deliver market-leading service levels while, for the first time ever, covering costs and making a profit serving communities of 150 – 1000 people.

In areas without access to grid electricity, the most common water access solutions rely on hand pumps.

While hand pumps can be operated without fuel or electricity, they require continued and costly maintenance.

Global handpump reliability is often 60% to 75% at any one time.

The costs to improve this to an acceptable level can result in significant annual losses.

How it works…

The SolarPlex Extend

Our SolarPlex Extend solar pump technology is the powerhouse of the Impact Pumps Solution.

Offering reliable pump performance, our extremely durable SolarPlex Extend requires minimum maintenance and is free of all fuel costs.

Read more about the SolarPlex Extend

Full Technical Infrastructure

Many service failures relate to things other than pumps. We therefore specify a complete site-wide technical infrastructure to address the root causes of service failures and eliminate the related costs.

Service Delivered

The Impact Pumps Solution includes a water maintenance service provider to ensure users receive market-leading service and are treated as customers.

Our Impact Pumps Solution is currently being deployed across 20 sites in Mali…

…which will provide sustainable water access for 10,000 people.

Our next challenge is to secure funding to scale to 200 sites.
Once this is achieved, impact investor / charity indications are that we will then secure funding to scale to $100m+ (10,000 sites) level of operations.

Our award-winning technology has been developed in collaboration with: