Lift Extenders for Surface Pumps

Upgrade your surface pump to lift deep water…

The FlexExtend is the original, revolutionary Impact Pump.

FlexExtend lift extenders promise more productive, reliable and versatile access to deep ground water than any other pump technology on the market.

With no submerged electronics, the FlexExtend boasts efficiency ratings that rival those of top-end submersible pumps, while remaining significantly more durable and easy to maintain at surface level.

FlexExtend lift extenders are designed to transform lives, and to last for life.

Lift and distribute deep ground water with just one pump…

FlexExtend Key Features

A FlexExtend acts as a non-electrical extension to a surface pump, allowing a regular surface pump to lift from greater depth at high efficiencies. Once it has been fitted, a FlexExtend can be simply plugged in and powered up by a surface pump when deep water lifting is needed.

When deep water lifting is not required, the surface pump can be used separately at surface level for the likes of crop irrigation, community water distribution or even to access other water sources that are closer to the surface.

Users do not even need to move their surface pump to switch from lifting deep ground water with their FlexExtend, to distributing water with their surface pump. The pump can be transformed into whichever mode is required by simply opening a tap or valve at surface level.

Typically, people have relied on submerged electronics to lift deep water with high efficiencies. But, these submerged electronics are prone to failures – they rarely are able to cope with dry running or dirty water, for example – and difficult to maintain because the problems occur below the surface.

Unlike other alternative solutions to this, a FlexExtend pump is able to give efficiency ratings that are parallel with the top-end submersible pumps, without the limitations of submerged electronics.

So, not only does a FlexExtend boast efficiencies of up to 85%, it requires little to no maintenance, minimising pump down time and allowing users to make the best of these high efficiencies day after day, year after year.

With no submerged electronics, a FlexExtend can easily pump dirty water without damaging the pump mechanism. This makes a FlexExtend the ideal solution for accessing deeper water in rural communities where water quality tends to be less consistent.

FlexExtend lift extenders maintain exceptionally high efficiencies through varying water levels and, if the water source runs dry completely, a FlexExtend will simply pump air until water returns with no damage to the surface pump or the FlexExtend itself.

This feature of a FlexExtend is completely unparalleled by any other deep water lifting solution: traditionally, to lift deep water, you must either compromise on efficiency when water levels change or run the risk of a pump overheating in the event of dry-running. With the FlexExtend, however, you can simply fit it and forget about it, knowing that it will continue to be highly productive for every last drop of water, without damaging itself if the water runs dry.

With no submerged electronics or sliding seals, any occasional maintenance is easy to do at the surface, without the difficulty of removing and re-installing the submerged equipment.

Furthermore, if the surface pump powering the FlexExtend were to fail, it can easily be switched out at surface level for another pump while it is being fixed. So, overall pump downtime with a FlexExtend is minimal.

A FlexExtend can be powered by solar, petrol, grid energy, or even human powered pumps, making it the perfect solution for people who already have a surface pump and simply want to extend its lift to access deeper water.

The compatibility of a FlexExtend also allows users to have backup options if their surface pump should fail. This means that their FlexExtend can be operational again in less than 2 minutes simply by swapping the surface pump out for a different one.

A FlexExtend comes with a full 5 year warranty, giving users peace of mind over other submersibles that a FlexExtend will stand the test of time.

Here at Impact Pumps, we believe that water access solutions should endure real life use, so our warranty cover is not full of complicated terms and conditions and does not only apply when the FlexExtend has been used in unrealistically perfect conditions. We are dedicated to designing high-quality and durable products that are going to last day after day, and year after year, so our warranty cover reflects this expectation.

During our warranty period, all servicing and parts for valid claims will be provided free of charge.

FlexExtend lift extenders boast top-end flows and efficiencies while lifting from depth…


Up to 6,000 litres per hour


Up to 60m


Up to 85%

… and are more durable and reliable than the other deep water access solutions on the market!

How the FlexExtend Works

  1. Water is pumped down the well using the surface pump.
  2. Extra water is drawn in by the FlexExtend (up to 6,000 L/hour)
  3. Your tank is filled with the extra water, and a small amount of water recirculates into the surface pump.

The Impact Pumps FlexExtend is sold through a network of approved distributors.

For distribution enquiries and volume orders please complete the distribution form and our Sales Director will be in touch with you.

FlexExtend FAQ

FlexExtend lift extenders promise significantly better value for money than the other deep water lifting solutions on the market.

All information on purchasing options can be accessed through our How To Buy page.

A FlexExtend can be fitted into most wells and boreholes of depths of up to 60m and with diameters greater than 102mm (4 inches).

FlexExtend lift extenders are capable of delivering flows of up to 6,000 litres per hour which can be used to irrigate up to 5 acres of land.

A FlexExtend can be powered by most surface pumps: solar, petrol, grid energy or even human powered!

To get the best out of your FlexExtend, however, we recommend pairing it with a SolarPlex surface pump. Find out more about the combination product, The SolarPlex Extend, to understand why we recommend using the SolarPlex and FlexExtend together.

Because of the way that the FlexExtend works, users will be required to have a tank at surface level. However, this does not need to be large and can be purchased relatively cheaply.

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