Solar Powered Surface Pumps

Transforming Solar Powered Water Access…

SolarPlex solar water pumps promise superior pump performance and durability for significantly better value for money than any other solar pumps of like kind, quality and price.

The superior performance and low cost are a result of their advanced, integrated software and electronics, developed in collaboration with Oxford academics and other world-experts in the field.

Grow your SolarPlex alongside increasing demands by simply adding solar panels!

SolarPlex Key Features

SolarPlex pumps can be upgraded in pressure and flow by simply adding more solar panels, making them the first solar pumps to allow users to scale up their daily volume of water to meet increasing demands.

This makes SolarPlex pumps the most cost effective water access solution for growing communities and businesses. While other pumps would need to be replaced, supplemented or electronically modified at a great expense to increase productivity, an upgrade to a SolarPlex only costs as much as a new solar panel, which can be easily added without altering the pump mechanism itself.

SolarPlex pumps get the most out of every Watt of solar energy input, at all times of day and in all weather conditions. This allows for maximum pump performance in even lower light conditions, so users can pump earlier and later in the day.

Boasting fully integrated advanced MPPT and Field Oriented Motor Control, unlike most solar pumps which require costly and temperamental external electronics, allows SolarPlex pumps to guarantee superior pump performance throughout the day, day after day, and year after year.

Made from top-quality materials – including completely maintenance-free brushless DC (BLDC) motors, NSK bearings, and unlimited lifetime metal film-capacitors – SolarPlex pumps are designed to withstand the test of time.

SolarPlex pumps are fitted with overspeed, overheat and locked rotor protections, along with dry run and tank overflow security measures. This allows them to defend themselves against otherwise common pump complications, making them exceptionally low maintenance to run.

In the unlikely event that something does go wrong, SolarPlex pumps accurately self-diagnose so that any potential maintenance can be done quickly and efficiently, with minimum pump downtime.

While almost all other solar pumps require very specific and often costly power inputs, SolarPlex pumps can be operated with almost all solar panels.

This not only makes SolarPlex pumps more cost effective, because users are not forced to rely on unnecessarily expensive panels, it makes replacing and maintaining panels significantly easier, eliminating the risk of prolonged wait times on servicing and replacing more rare, pump-specific panels.

At Impact Pumps, we believe that water access should be something you can count on and that, if you invest in a pump, this should provide a reliable and lasting service for real life usage.

So, our warranty cover is not full of exclusions and does not rely on users using their SolarPlex Extend in lab conditions: it is consistent with the challenges of normal life, giving users the security of knowing that their pump is truly built to withstand and endure.

SolarPlex pumps deliver higher heads at competitive flows…


Up to 5,400 litres per hour


Up to 75m


From 100 to 800W

… …and can be upgraded to up to eight times their starting power.

How SolarPlex pumps fit into the existing solar pump market

Setting the new benchmark for solar water pumps…

The SolarPlex integrates the latest generation of brushless permanent magnet motors with advanced Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) and Field-Oriented motor control. This enables it to achieve excellent performance across a wide range of pressure and flow requirements and varying sunlight levels, particularly in cloud and at the ends of the day.

By incorporating top-quality components including metal oxide capacitors and NSK bearings, we offer an unprecedented combination of high efficiency and reliability. Advanced algorithms, developed by world-leading Oxford engineers, have then enabled us to miniaturise and integrate our electronics into the pumps motor casing, further increasing durability and resulting in pumps that deliver top-end performance at significantly more affordable prices.

The Impact Pumps SolarPlex is sold through a network of approved distributors.

For distribution enquires and volume orders please complete a distribution form and our Sales Director will be in touch.

SolarPlex FAQs

SolarPlex pumps promise significantly better value for money than the other surface pumps in their price range.

All information on purchasing options can be accessed through our How To Buy page.

SolarPlex pumps are capable of irrigating up to 5 acres of crops, delivering flow rates of up to 5,400 litres per hour.

SolarPlex pumps, unlike almost any other solar pumps on the market, are compatible with most PV and DC power applications which allows users to choose their own solar panels, making powering a SolarPlex pump much cheaper and more convenient than solar pumps that are reliant on expensive or uncommon PV or DC power applications.

The SolarPlex can be used with batteries with the addition of a separate solar charge controller.

You do not need a tank to operate your SolarPlex pump.

However, to get the best out of your SolarPlex, we do recommend investing in a storage tank. This will allow you to have continued access to water outside daylight hours and, if your tank is raised, will provide much higher output pressures for distribution.

Our award-winning technology has been developed in collaboration with: