The SolarPlex Extend

Solar Powered Deep Well Pumps

The next generation of solar powered submersible pumps…

The SolarPlex Extend is a combination product, powered at the surface by a SolarPlex pump, and extended to lift deep groundwater with a FlexExtend lift extender.

Together as the SolarPlex Extend, these two top-quality products become a deep water access solution that has all the benefits of a surface pump and submersible pump, without the limitations of the other deep water pumps on the market.

Lift and distribute deep ground water with just one pump…

SolarPlex Extend Key Features

SolarPlex Extend pumps can be upgraded in pressure and flow over time to produce greater daily volumes of water by simply adding more solar panels to the SolarPlex surface pump.

This makes a SolarPlex Extend the most cost effective deep water access solution for growing communities and businesses. While other pumps would need to be replaced, supplemented or electronically modified at a great expense to increase productivity, an upgrade to a SolarPlex Extend only costs as much as a new solar panel, which can be easily added without altering the pump mechanism itself.

Grow your SolarPlex Extend alongside increasing demands by simply adding extra panels!

When the SolarPlex Extend is not needed for deep water lifting, users can use the SolarPlex surface pump at surface level for the likes of crop irrigation, community water distribution or even to access other water sources that are closer to the surface.

Users do not even need to move their SolarPlex surface pump to switch from lifting deep ground water with the FlexExtend, to being able to distribute water at surface level. SolarPlex Extend pumps can be transformed into whichever mode is required simply by opening a tap or valve.

Lift deep water throughout the day…
… then distribute it with the same pump (“Lift and Shift”)

The SolarPlex surface pumps have been carefully designed to ensure that they get the best out of their solar energy input, using advanced integrated MPPT and Field Oriented Motor Control to deliver maximum pump performance even in lower light conditions, so users can pump much earlier and later in the day.

When this is combined with the high efficiencies of the FlexExtend, the SolarPlex Extend promises this maximum pump performance from even greater depths!

A SolarPlex Extend is made up of a SolarPlex surface pump and a FlexExtend lift extender, and both of these products boast unprecedented lifespans.

The SolarPlex is made of top-quality materials – including completely maintenance free brushless DC (BLDC) motors, NSK bearings, and unlimited lifetime metal film-capacitors – and fitted with overspeed, overheat and locked rotor protections, along with dry run and tank overflow security measures.

Below the surface, the FlexExtend has no submerged electronics or sliding seals, is able to pump dirty water without damaging the SolarPlex and has been designed to remain unharmed in the event of dry running, simply pumping air until water returns.

Together as the SolarPlex Extend, these two products make a deep water access solution that will endure real world use day after day, and year after year.

While almost all other solar pumps require very specific and often costly power inputs, SolarPlex pumps can be operated with almost all solar panels.

This not only enables the SolarPlex Extend to be more cost effective than other solar powered submersible pumps, because users are not forced to rely on unnecessarily expensive panels, it makes replacing and maintaining panels significantly easier, eliminating the risk of prolonged wait times on servicing and replacing more rare, pump-specific panels.

At Impact Pumps, we believe that water access should be something you can count on and that, if you invest in a pump, this should provide a reliable and lasting service for real life usage.

So, our warranty cover is not full of exclusions and does not rely on users using their SolarPlex Extend in perfect lab conditions: it is consistent with the challenges of normal life, giving users the security of knowing that their pump is truly built to withstand and endure.

The SolarPlex Extend is a submersible pump capable of delivering competitive flows at depth…

SolarPlex Extend

Accessing Deeper Water


Up to 4,200 litres per hour


Up to 45m


From 100 to 800W

…and then the SolarPlex pump can be used at surface level to access and move water elsewhere…


Water At Surface Level


Up to 5,400 litres per hour


Up to 75m


From 100 to 800W

How the SolarPlex Extend Works

  1. Water is pumped down the well using the SolarPlex surface pump.
  2. Extra water is drawn in by the FlexExtend (up to 4,200 L/hour)
  3. Your tank is filled with the extra water, and a small amount of water recirculates into the surface pump.

The Impact Pumps SolarPlex Extend is sold through a network of approved distributors

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SolarPlex Extend FAQ

SolarPlex Extend pumps promise significantly better value for money and versatility than other pumps on the market.

All information on purchasing options can be accessed through our How To Buy page

The FlexExtend attachment of SolarPlex Extend pump can be fitted into most wells and boreholes of water depths of up to 45m and with diameters greater than 102mm (4 inches).

When access to this deeper water is not needed, the SolarPlex pump can then be used to access water sources closer to the surface, suitable for most water sources with depths of up to 7m.

SolarPlex pumps are capable of irrigating up to 5 acres of crops.

SolarPlex pumps, unlike almost any other solar pumps on the market, are compatible most PV and DC power applications which allows users to use their own choice of solar panels, making powering a SolarPlex pump much cheaper and more convenient than solar pumps that are reliant on expensive or uncommon PV or DC power applications.

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