Solar water pumps…
with a difference

Impact Pumps is transforming lives with affordable and lasting water pumps, using award-winning technology designed to sustain a reliable water supply for domestic, agricultural, and community water needs.

The SolarPlex Surface Pump


SolarPlex pumps achieve superior performance, durability, and reliability, while offering better value for money than any other solar pump on the market.

Fully integrated MPPT technology ensures maximum pump performance at all times, and users can simply add more solar panels to upgrade their SolarPlex pump.

A SolarPlex can be easily upgraded over time, allowing users to increase the daily volume of water they use to meet growing needs, cost-effectively.

The SolarPlex Extend Submersible Pump


More versatile than any other submersible pump on the market, the SolarPlex Extend is a highly efficient, durable pump, capable of lifting groundwater from deep below the surface.

The SolarPlex Extend is the only submersible pump available today that allows users to lift and distribute deep groundwater with the same pump, while boasting unparalleled resilience to varying water and sunlight levels, and poor water quality.