Submersible pumps...
...with a difference
The Impact Pump is a revolutionary new submersible pump technology based on the Joukowski effect. It has no sliding seals, motors or mechanisms below ground.


Our patented Impact Pump technology enables surface pumps to lift deep groundwater, day after day, year after year.

Your ideal partner for groundwater irrigation and water supply

Whatever your groundwater pumping application, the Impact Pump will bring cost savings, reliability improvements and ease of maintenance over established brands of submersible pumps.


Whatever your power source, the Impact Pump makes groundwater accessible

A pump with a difference

Using shockwaves to bring motors and sliding seals to the surface

The Impact Pump combines innovative insights in acoustics with modern materials to bring the renowned long service, efficiency and reliability of hydraulic ram pumps to groundwater lifting. Whether for irrigation or water supply, it adds an array of advantages to your installation.


The Impact Pump is the result of 3 years and over $5M of Research and Development conducted by a team of leading experts in engineering fluid mechanics based in Oxford, U.K. Impact Pumps was created in January 2019 to bring this innovative patented technology to irrigation and water supply markets across the globe.

Our award-winning technology has been developed in collaboration with: