PAYG SolarPlex

Our PAYG SolarPlex offers all the benefits of the SolarPlex with the assurance and affordability of secure PAYG.

  • 30% saving on running costs over high pressure petrol irrigation pumps from day 1
  • Superior pressure and performance over competing petrol pumps and solar pumps
  • Affordable finance with a starting deposit that is less than the price of a new petrol pump
  • Secure PAYG technology integrated into the pump-motor itself that can’t be bypassed
  • Supports verifiable carbon credit tracking

The PAYG (Pay-As-You-Go) SolarPlex was developed in response to demand from our customers for a credible replacement for the high pressure petrol irrigation pumps they use on their farms.

The PAYG SolarPlex offers superior performance and a 30% saving on running costs over high pressure petrol pumps from day 1, after purchase with finance. Affordable PAYG or Pay-As-You-Go finance means customers can purchase the PAYG SolarPlex with a deposit less than the price of a new petrol pump. Customers then pay for the pump in instalments using their improved harvest income which is why many of our distributors prefer the term PAY-Earn or Pay-As-You-Earn instead of PAYG. Once the financing period is finished, the PAYG SolarPlex will irrigate without any fuel costs for years to come. Customers are fully protected against fuel cost inflation and extended dry-seasons.

Our PAYG security is embedded into the integrated SolarPlex Control, unlike many competing products which can easily be bypassed, offering assurance to our partners and customers that their investment is protected. As a result, the PAYG SolarPlex is an exceptionally low credit risk and can be offered with asset finance at favourable interest rates.

The PAYG SolarPlex allows partners to serve their customers in new ways – expanding the market to make irrigation and bigger harvests even more affordable.

For partners, our PAYG SolarPlex is compatible with key PAYG platforms like PaygOpsAngaza or Paygee, making it easy for PAYG distributors to include it in their broader product portfolio.

Our PAYG technology is designed to support payments based on elapsed time ($/month) or energy use (for carbon credits:  $/kWh), with and without a GSM and/or satellite data connection – please contact us for details and pricing.

For International Development Banks like IFC, our secure PAYG SolarPlex is designed as part of a large scale irrigation and crop harvest package for adoption as part of regional and country-level Ag. Solutions offering access to climate resilient infrastructure for all farmers and their communities. We also have a network of accredited microfinance institutions willing to offer asset financing of the PAYG SolarPlex to our distribution partners.

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Impact Pumps also offers bespoke development for remote sensing and logging as a separate service.