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    HDPE down-pipe joined to correct ports at both endsWire tightly twisted twice around all HDPE jointsCable ties tightly secured with pliers at least every 120cm (4 feet) along HDPE pipesHDPE pipes cut no longer than 50m

    Maximum head (i.e., the height from the deepest seasonal ground water level to the maximum tank level) is no more than 50mTank raised above the highest point on the well-head (D)Outlet (F) is installed above the tank-hose connection (A)Good quality UV resistant suction hoses or pipes are installedHose clips are used on all hose jointsSurface-pump is installed in the correct directionTank has a lid



    Hand-dug wellBorehole


    The pump runs as it should, any air has been expelled and there are no leaks.The new pump owner understands how to connect and run the pump including how to expel air.The new pump owner knows where to get additional support if needed.


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