SolarPlex 800-5

The SolarPlex 800-5 is a horizontal 5-stage centrifugal surface pump designed for solar and other DC-powered applications that sets a new benchmark in PV powered water pumping.

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Scalable from 100-800W meaning that, unlike other surface pumps that must be replaced at a great expense to meet increased demands, SolarPlex 800-5 users can simply add more solar panels to upgrade their existing pump to meet growing needs.
More water per day at a wide range of heads is made possible by an advanced integrated MPPT and motor control technology which allows the SolarPlex 800-5 to operate for much longer than standard solar pumps.
Overspeed, overheat and locked rotor protections ensures ease of user maintenance and extended pump lifespan.
Compatible with most PV panels, eliminating unnecessary expenses.
Comprehensive two-year warranty to give users the reassurance that their SolarPlex 800-5 will stand the test of time and remain resilient to changing, real world conditions.
Up to 5,400
litres per hour
Up to 75mUp to 7m*100-800W
*Extend your SolarPlex to lift from depths of up to 45m with a FlexExtend Attachment. Read more about the SolarPlex Extend here.
The SolarPlex 800-5 is designed to offer better value for money than any other pump in its price range on the market. It is able to offer such high-efficiency, durability and reliability because of the expertise and innovation that went into the design process. To understand its technical advantages, download the SolarPlex 800-5 Data Sheet here:

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More information on the SolarPlex pump can be found on the SolarPlex overview page, while more general support can be found here.

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