Case Studies

Jafred – ‘I’ve created a new business’

Jared Nono Impact Pumps Customer

This pump has allowed me to do less work and earn more

Before installing the FlexExtend with a solar powered surface pump, Jafred would manually collect water from his well with a winch. Due to the labour required for this, he could only lift enough for domestic purposes.

The FlexExtend has transformed this situation. He is now able to pump much more water and fill a large tank. This has not only dramatically reduced the labour required to lift water but has also opened up a new income stream for Jafred. The water which is lifted from the well is cleaner than before, as the well can now be closed, and he can make around 400 Ksh ($4) each day from selling water.

Jafred now has plans to use some of the extra water to expand into irrigated crops, which wasn’t possible before.

The FlexExtend has brought new opportunities for Jafred and his family – more food, cleaner water and more money every day.