FlexExtend (40)


The FlexExtend is the original, revolutionary Impact Pump, allowing users to extend the lift of almost any surface pump to depths of up to 50m, with an efficiency of up to 85%, while avoiding the limitations of other submersible pump technologies.

The FlexExtend can be used to irrigate up to 2.5 acres of land or provide water for up to 500 people.

Check out the FlexExtend page for more information on this patented technology, or read on to find out more about the original product itself.
A five-year, comprehensive warranty period makes the FlexExtend the first pump of its kind to guarantee a lasting service that, unlike other submersible pump warranty periods, accounts for unpredictable, real life usage.
Higher flows at lower overall cost when compared with other submersible pumps on the market. This is the result of the versatility, durability and high efficiency that a FlexExtend promises, alongside its highly competitive retail price.
Lift water and distribute it separately with just one pump; as simple as turning a tap.
Dry-run and varying water level compatible, allowing for a versatility of water levels that is unparalleled by any other submersible pump on the market.
Pumps sandy, silty, and gritty water without damaging the pump mechanism, making the FlexExtend perfect for rural water supplies, where water quality is less consistent and other submersible pump technologies are unable to cope.
Easily user maintained, with all electronics remaining above the surface.
Compatible with almost any surface pump meaning users can switch surface pumps as and when they need, minimising downtime.
To get the best out of your FlexExtend, we recommend powering it with our SolarPlex surface pump. Read more about this combination product, The SolarPlex Extend.
Up to 3,000
litres per hour
Up to 50mUp to 50mUp to 85%
The FlexExtend is the result of a rigorous five year design process and over $5 million investment. The world-class expertise and dedication behind this ground-breaking innovation has led to a product that is unparalleled by any other submersible pump technology on the market, providing versatile, reliable and highly efficient deep water access.
For the full technical specifications of the FlexExtend (40), download the Datasheet here:
FlexExtend (40) – Datasheet

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More information on the SolarPlex pump can be found on the SolarPlex Extend overview page, while more general support can be found here.

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