SolarPlex Extend 800-5 (40)


The SolarPlex Extend 800-5 is a submersible hydraulic ram pump, powered at surface level by a SolarPlex 800-5 and able to lift from depths of up to 45m with a FlexExtend (40) attachment.

United, these products become a submersible pump that is more versatile and better value for money than the other submersible pump products in the same price range.

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A submersible pump that grows with you, upgraded in pressure and flow by simply plugging in more solar panels, this submersible pump will not need to be replaced as demand for water increases. Instead, the SolarPlex Extend is a pump that grows alongside its users.
Lift water and distribute it separately with just one pump; as simple as turning a tap.
Access multiple water sources by unplugging the highly portable SolarPlex from the FlexExtend attachment and move it to a surface water source elsewhere (or even another deep-water source fitted with its own FlexExtend!).
Pumps sand, silt, and grit without damaging the pump mechanism. This makes the SolarPlex Extend perfect for rural water supplies, where water quality can be less consistent and other submersible pump technologies are unable to cope.
Dry-run and varying water level insensitive, allowing for variable water levels and power availability.
Easily user maintained, with all electronics remaining above the surface.
Comprehensive warranty cover to give users the reassurance that their SolarPlex Extend 800-5 (40) will stand the test of time and remain resilient to external pressure.
SolarPlex Extend 800-5 (40)
Up to 3,000
litres per hour
Up to 45mUp to 45m100-600W
SolarPlex 800-5 (for comparison)
Up to 5,400
litres per hour
Up to 75mUp to 7m100-800W
It is because of the world-class expertise of our Oxford (UK)-based engineering team that this combined product can offer more versatility and a greater value for money than any other submersible pump technology in its price range.
To understand the technical merits of the SolarPlex Extend 800-5 (40), download the Data Sheet here:

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More information on the SolarPlex pump can be found on the SolarPlex Extend overview page, while more general support can be found here.

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