Customised Loggers

Impact Pumps offers bespoke development for remote sensing and logging as a separate service. Customised Data Logger pricing available on request. Our SolarPlex Logger includes many advanced capabilities already as a base product. […]

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SolarPlex Logger

Our SolarPlex Logger offers reliable, low cost remote monitoring for the SolarPlex and SolarPlex Extend product ranges and can be adapted for other pumps. The SolarPlex Logger is useful in many applications from irrigation to community water. For example, it has been deployed across multiple sites to help 10,000 people in Mali to access reliable, affordable and profitable water as part of our Impact Pumps Solution, offering live performance data and contributing to the world-leading service management capability being evidenced there. Our SolarPlex Logger has transformed the granularity, insight and breadth of data that can be remotely monitored by our […]

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