Lockdown… where work doesn’t stop, but we find new ways of working

The last three months have been ‘unprecedented’ times for all of us. Every company has had to make changes to working practices and every parent of school-aged children has had to find innovative ways of providing education and exercise at home. Impact Pumps CTO, Tom Smith, has managed to combine home-schooling with durability testing of handpumps. These surface handpumps will be provided as a drive pump backup solution in our upcoming project with FundiFix. This project is to demonstrate that the Impact Pump can bring reliability improvements and cost savings to water service providers through the quick and easy replacement […]

Impact Pump clocks up 5000 hours on silt/salt endurance test

The silt/salt endurance test of the Impact Pump has now clocked up 5000 hours and counting. In combination with a simple sedimentation tank, this pump has proven an ability to deliver clear water continuously and reliably from a sandy, silted well with high levels of mineral solutes. With demonstrated resilience, durability and longevity, the Impact Pump has shown it can work almost anywhere with minimal outages or failures: Fantastic news for farmers and community water applications in emerging markets!

The Impact Pump to serve 800 children and staff in Kisumu, Kenya

An Impact Pump has been installed at Kanyamedha Secondary School, in Kisumu, Western Kenya. It will serve 800 children and staff with water for cooking, cleaning, washing and vegetable garden irrigation: truly emphasising the impact the pump can have on community water applications.

Impact Pump partner, Futurepump, captures the eye of Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta

Our partner Futurepump’s stand at the GOGLA 2020 in Nairobi, Kenya attracted the attention of President Uhuru Kenyatta. We look forward to our upcoming launch with Futurepump, helping to extend the reach of their products to wells and boreholes beyond suction depth in the near future.

The Impact Pump powers sprinklers to irrigate high-value horticulture

An Impact pump has been installed at Mwenja’s Farm in Kiambu, Kenya, as a demonstration site close to the bi-annual GOGLA 2020 conference. The pump supplies an overhead tank that feeds sprinklers which irrigate papaya trees, as well as drip lines to serve a sweet potato crop. The combination of high value produce being served by an integrated solar irrigation solution augmented by the Impact Pump bodes well for this savvy farmer.

More Impact Pumps to be installed in Kitui, Kenya

We have begun a collaboration with Fundifix Limited of Kenya on an exciting new project, jointly funded by Innovate UK and the Wellcome Trust. The project will test the feasibility of a swap-out service model, including manual, fuel-, and battery-powered back up system options for solar water pump community water supply installations.

Endurance test clocks 5000 hours

The first of our Impact Pump endurance test rigs, which has been running 24/7 since 2nd May 2019 has just passed the half-way point on its 10000 hour journey, representing 3 to 5 years of typical operation. The test will continue towards its 10000 hour (5 – 10 year) typical operation target due in July 2020. This has been achieved without any servicing or part changes to date.

First Impact Pumps go live in Zambia

Our first Impact Pump prototypes in Africa beyond Kenya are installed and lifting water from an open well and a drilled borehole for irrigation on a farm near Ndola, northern Zambia. These are PS0 (Pre-Series 0) prototypes, powered by a Futurepump SF2 and Ennos Sunlight pump, respectively. These units were installed by local plumbers with minimal instruction and will be used to conduct a number of farm-based studies as part of a wider project looking at the introduction of sustainable horticultural practices into the region.

First batches of production parts arrive

We have taken delivery of the first batches of Series 0 Impact Pump production parts in preparation for assembly, quality assurance, packing and shipping. Meanwhile, we are setting up our UK based assembly line for the first 200 units to design, test and optimise assembly procedures, in line with our target shipping date.

First cast and machined production parts commissioned

We have agreed and commissioned toolmaking and pilot production for our first set of cast and machined production parts for our Impact Pump “Series 0” launch product. These will form part of the first Impact Pump product, due to be available in Kenya from late 2019 with rollout across East Africa during 2021.

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