Celebrating our first 20,000 hour anniversary

Impact Pumps’ SLX-40-S prototype Serial Number PS0.1 recently passed uneventfully through its twenty thousandth hour of maintenance-free operation, the first of many that will soon have done so.

SN PS0.1 was installed in a family housing compound near to Kisumu in western Kenya in February 2019, bringing reliable, labour-free water for drinking and sanitation up from a deep and silty hand-dug well. Before it was installed, ropes and buckets were used to lift this water from this well throughout the day, all day, every day; backbreaking work mainly falling on children and elderly women and a significant cause of drinking water contamination worldwide.

SN PS0.1 was originally installed to one side of the access hatch that used to be used to lower buckets down the well: as a critical water source, a backup solution had to remain in place in case our equipment failed.

But it never did, so it was later re-installed and the bucket winch was taken away. The first of many, SNPS0.1 has loyally served a small community of approximately 70 people, day in, day out, for nearly five years. And counting…..

At Impact Pumps, we are proud that none of our products operated within their specifications, have ever failed in the field to date.