Making an Impact, one harvest at a time

A farmer studies his thriving potato crops now irrigated with an Impact Pump

Zaliwana farm, Zambia. The sun shines over the lush green crops of an ever-growing farming business. But this has not always been the case. Previously, when the farm relied on waiting for the rain to water the plants, times were tough, crops were at risk and a profitable farming business was a dare of a dream.

The introduction of irrigation to this farm has induced dramatic changes. They no longer have to wait for the rainy season and production doesn’t rely on the changing climate.

Did you know? In tropical climates, irrigating land can increase annually cropping cycles from one to three.

Needing to lift water 20m, Zaliwana farm struggled to access water for irrigation, rainfed was the only viable solution. That was, until the introduction of a FlexExtend with a solar surface pump. There is now a labour-free and reliable irrigation solution for when there is no rain.

This farm has already seen harvest of green beans, potatoes, broccoli, and peppers in a usually barren season.

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