The FlexExtend handles silt and salt with ease

Example of sand and silt from an endurance test

Continuous field and endurance testing of Impact Pumps products is a key part of our design philosophy.

We want to prove we have designed the FlexExtend to withstand the harsh conditions on rural farms. Sand, silt and salt are common in rural wells and it is important that pumps are built to be able to pump dirty water with ease.

We have had a FlexExtend running on a silt/salt endurance test for over 5,000 hours (equivalent to three to five years) and counting.

The set up involves a simple sedimentation tank filled with sand and silt which the pump must circulate. Over the 5,000 hours this pump has proven an ability to deliver clear water continuously and reliably. It has no problem pumping water from a sandy, silted well with high levels of mineral solutes.

With demonstrated resilience, durability and longevity, the FlexExtend has shown it can work well in a rural farm setting with minimal outages or failures. This is fantastic news for farmers and community water applications where downtime for maintenance should no longer have to be tolerated!