SolarPlex launches!

Solarplex launches

Impact Pumps is delighted to share the exciting news of the highly anticipated product launch of our ground-breaking SolarPlex solar water pump, designed and manufactured by Impact Pumps.

The SolarPlex solar water pump is the culmination of extensive research, engineering expertise, and a commitment to innovation. This state-of-the-art SolarPlex harnesses the power of solar energy to provide an environmentally friendly and sustainable means of pumping water. By leveraging the abundant energy of the sun, the SolarPlex pump eliminates the need for grid electricity or diesel generators, making it an ideal choice for off-grid and remote locations.

SolarPlex allows farmers and smallholder communities to lift water up to 75 metres and distribute it at up to 5400 Litres per hour. It meets a need for a cost-effective and reliable water for farmers needing to irrigate up to 5 acres, with sprinklers if required.

The SolarPlex pump can be upgraded in pressure and flow by simply adding more low-cost solar panels, making it the first solar pump to allow users to scale up their daily volume of water to meet significantly increasing demands.

This makes SolarPlex pumps the most cost-effective water access solution for growing farmers, communities and businesses. While other pumps would need to be replaced, supplemented or electronically modified at a great expense to increase productivity, an upgrade to a SolarPlex only costs as much as a new solar panel, which can be easily added without altering the pump mechanism itself.

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