The Wellcome Trust – A Success Story For Smallholders and their Communities

Impact Pumps is pleased to share news of the successful conclusion of our Wellcome Trust project! 

Our multi-year project has innovated smallholder irrigation and rural community water access in Sub-Saharan Africa and South-East Asia. We believe this will have a huge impact on people’s health and improve incomes, from increased crop productivity, more harvests and much more reliable water access than by handpumps.

Our SolarPlex surface pump irrigates up to 5 acres, lifts water up to 75m and distributes at rates up to 5400 Litre per hour. Our patented FlexExtend submersible unit allows any surface pump to access water from beyond the 7m suction limit – up to 50m below ground – offering climate resilience, as groundwater levels drop around the world.

When combined, the SolarPlex Extend lifts and distributes water. We call this reliable “Lift and Shift”.  It lies at the heart of our community water access approach – The Impact Pumps Solution – which is being deployed now to 10,000 people in villages in Mali.

We would like to thank the Wellcome Trust for their $7m grant and trust in our research and delivery capabilities as well as for harnessing the expertise of Professor Richard Carter for the project. Richard has been a distinguished expert in the Water and Sanitation sector for more than 40 years and we are delighted to announce that he has agreed to join our Advisory Committee at Impact Pumps and its parent company, Thermofluidics, being a keen supporter of ours.