Impact Pumps to eradicate rural maintenance challenges in collaboration with FundiFix

Dramatically reducing pump downtime with Impact Pumps and Fundifix

We are excited to announce that we will be expanding our reach in Kenya through a project in Kitui, Kenya. This project aims to provide a solution to in-field maintenance challenges common with hand-pumps and other submersible pumps.

The problem

One of the most frustrating problems in rural communities with hand-pumps or submersible pumps for water supply is when they go wrong. Retrieving a pump from a borehole and servicing it can leave you with a problem – several days with no pump and no easy way to access water.

At Impact Pumps, we believe that things can be different and we have begun a collaboration with Fundifix Limited of Kenya on an exciting new project, jointly funded by Innovate UK and the Wellcome Trust.

Our solution

With the support of Fundifix, we will be testing the feasibility of a swap-out service model for water pumps in community water supply installations.

Using the unique Impact Pump set-up of a fixed well installation and detachable drive pump, we aim to prove that a swap-out service model will dramatically reduce pump downtime and improve the reliability of water supply.

How it works

The Impact Pump fixed in the well is extremely durable. Once it is installed in the well you should not need to touch it. The Impact Pump is powered by a surface drive pump which can easily be swapped if servicing or maintenance is required. By ensuring that there is always a drive pump available, Fundifix technicians will be able to restore service immediately if a drive pump failure occurs. They can then take the drive pump to be fixed while the backup pump takes over the pumping.

This is essential in remote places with limited access to water. Communities cannot and should not be left without a crucial water supply if pump maintenance is required.

If you would like to find out more about the Impact Pump or this particular project, please get in touch.