New >90% Impact Pump hydraulic efficiency record achieved in Bangladesh

A new efficiency record has been set by our Bangladeshi Team in collaboration with IDE. Badrul Alam, treadle pump pioneer and leader of IDE’s technical centre in Dhaka, and his team, recorded a best ever hydraulic efficiency of 92% from a Pre-Series 0 Impact Pump installed at 27m depth (24m to water) at Miton, near Dhaka. This was achieved using steel pipework. The pump was driven by an Ennos Sunlight pump, manufactured under license in India by Jain Irrigation. The team also recorded efficiencies close to 90% using PVC pipework in place of HDPE.

SF2-driven Impact Pump installed at GLAC primary school, Ahendu, Kenya, displacing bucket lifting and supplying pre-purified drinking water for more than 250 children and staff

Our Kenyan technical team managed by Futurepump Kenya have installed a Pre-Series 0 Impact Pump at GLAC primary school in Ahendu, Kisumu province, Kenya. This pump, driven by a Futurepump SF2, is providing an improved water supply for approximately 250 children and staff from a water depth of 13m. Previously lifted by buckets, a key route for contamination of wells, the water is chlorinated prior to drinking.

SF2-driven Impact Pump installed in 24m deep well in a community compound in Rabour, Kenya

Our Engineers have installed our first deeper-well Pre-Series 0 Impact Pump at George Arombe’s family compound, Rabour, Kisumu province, Kenya. The pump is lifting water from a depth of 24m to serve a community of around 60 people. It is powered by a modified Futurepump SF2.

Wellcome Trust increases and extends Thermofluidics’ Translation Award to cover Impact Pump pilot launch and rollout across East Africa

We are delighted to be able to announce that the Wellcome Trust have agreed to a funding package of £1.5M to cover toolmaking, pilot production and launch of the first Impact Pump product across 8 East African countries. This project will run until August 2021, bridging a critical gap between applied research and commercial sustainability.

Major East African distribution partner agrees to stock the Series 0 Impact Pump

Following an on-site demonstration to approximately 30 senior staff, and a successful 500 hour test result, we are pleased to announce that the Impact Pump has been selected for inclusion in the 2020 stock list of our main East African distribution partner. Our partner, who controls over 50% of the pump distribution market in East Africa, will take delivery of the first container of Impact Pumps via Mombasa in late 2019.

12 months of Impact Pump field trials completed with no failures

Thermofluidics has successfully completed 12 months of field trials of the Impact Pump (gamma prototype) at 2 sites in Kenya and 2 sites in Bangladesh, powered by Futurepump SF2 drive pumps. No Impact Pump failures occurred anywhere or at any stage during the trials.

Welcome to “Impact Pumps”!

Impact Pumps has been created by parent company Thermofluidics as our go-to-market brand for the Impact Pump, formerly known as the uDAHR or unidirectional Double-Acting Hydraulic Ram pump. The first Impact Pump product is expected to be available in Kenya from late 2019 and across East Africa soon afterwards.

Our award-winning technology has been developed in collaboration with: