Prototype Impact Pump proves impressive efficiency

Ennos sunlight surface water pump connected to an Impact Pump water pump

We are proud to announce that a new efficiency record has been set for the Impact Pump.

Efficiency within a pumping system is important as it describes the amount of water able to be pumped by a given energy input. When efficiency is high you can pump a large amount of water for the energy you input and less energy is wasted. You don’t want to be paying for energy without results, so ensuring a pump with maximum efficiency is better costs you less to run.

Tests carried out by our Bangladeshi Team in collaboration with iDE (International Development Enterprises) have proved impressive hydraulic efficiency of 92%, the learnings from this prototype will be taken forward into our commercial product.

About the set up

The Bangladesh pilot pump was installed to pump water from a depth of 24m. It was driven by an Ennos Sunlight pump (solar powered pump).

Our award-winning technology has been developed in collaboration with: