First Impact Pumps installed in Zambia

Impact Pump being installed in a covered farm building by two local plumbers

We are pleased to announce that we have expanded our field testing to now cover Zambia. We have installed an Impact Pump to lift water from an open well and a drilled borehole for irrigation on a farm near Ndola, northern Zambia.

If you have read previous updates from us, you will know that until now, Impact Pump field work has been focused in Kenya. These field tests have provided us with vital knowledge and experience for expanding our operations across Africa and beyond.

What we will test

This site in Zambia will be used for farm-based irrigation studies. The Impact Pump will be installed with irrigation systems suitable to the region and is part of a wider project looking at the introduction of sustainable horticultural practices in the region.

Ease of installation

Ease of installation is something that is important to our team as we have worked hard to ensure that the Impact Pump can be locally installed by our distributor network. These units were installed by local plumbers with minimal instruction from Impact Pumps and feedback from the installers will guide installation documents and videos in the future.

Pump set up

The Impact Pump prototypes installed in Zambia are lifting water from a depth of 20m. Their input water is provided by solar powered drive pumps, the Futurepump SF2 and Ennos Sunlight pump.

Our award-winning technology has been developed in collaboration with: